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kaliyan swamy - charama kainkaryam, madhurakavi swamy - Asrama svIkAram - detailed report

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srImathE rAmAnujAya nama:
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As informed before, kaliyan vAnamAmalai rAmAnuja jIyar swamy (30th pattam) ascended to paramapadham on Wednesday, 30th April, 2014. Here is a detailed report on various events that occurred on 30th April and 1st May.

kaliyan swamy and madhurakavi swamy during thirumanjanam
kaliyan swamy honoured with garlands and parivattam from thOthAdhri nAthan emperumAn
madhurakavi swamy returning from the brindhAvanam in the same palanquin that carried kaliyan swamy

April 30th

  • Full set of pictures at
  • kaliyan rAmAnuja jIyar swamy leaves hospital around 2.30pm
  • kaliyan swamy (with ventilator and doctors/nurses) arrives at vAnamAmalai (nAnugnEri) around 3pm
  • kaliyan swamy is comfortably placed in a lying down position at his internal chambers around 3.30pm
  • kaliyan swamy gives kAshAya vasthram, samAsrayaNam (to establish direct sambandham) to srI u. vE. nArAyaNa iyengar swamy around 3.45 pm and the new jIyar swamy is named madhurakavi vAnamAmalai rAmAnuja jIyar swamy.
  • ventilator removed by doctors around 4pm
  • kaliyan swamy ascends to paramapadham by 4.22pm. Doctors confirm his passing away.
  • periya perumAL (thOthAdhri nAthan - mUlavar of vAnamAmalai dhivyadhEsam) sends his parivattam and garland prasAdham to madhurakavi swamy.
  • kaliyan swamy's vimala charama thirumEni (pure divine final body) kept in a seated position and sishyas and abhimAnis are allowed to take dharshan
  • Press (news media) is elaborated about the events that occurred around 6pm
  • madhurakavi vAnamAmalai rAmanuja jIyar swamy's Asrama svIkAram begins around 6.15pm with elaborate yagyam where new swamy performs several vaidhIka karmAs to signify his acceptance of sannyAsa Asramam
  • madhurakavi swamy accepts kAshAyam from mutt's AsthAna vidhwAn srI u. vE. K B dhEvarAjan swamy and changes to kAshAya (saffron) vasthram from white vasthram
  • thridhaNdam is prepared with 3 new bamboo sticks and is handed over to madhurakavi swamy
  • madhurakavi swamy takes his Asrama svIkAra snAnam and declares that he gives up attachments to all worldly matters including his family, etc
  • madhurakavi swamy returns to the mutt chambers around 8pm
  • madhurakavi swamy goes on to visit kaliyan swamy, dheivanAyakan emperumAn and his nAchiyArs (uthsavar), thOthAdhri nAthan emperumAn with nAchiyArs (mUlavar), srIvaramangA nAchiyAr (mUlavar), all other sannidhis, maNavALa mAmunigaL and mutt thiruvArAdhanam soon after and performs mangaLAsAsanam to all of them.
  • In the meantime, kaliyan swamy is seated in the kAlakshEpa maNdapam and madhurakavi swamy visits them with the entourage (parivAram)
  • kaliyan swamy is seated at 3rd layer of thadhiyArAdhan kUtam (hall where thadhIyArAdhanam is performed for devotees)

May 1st

  • Full set of pictures at
  • elaborate preparations begin for the charama kainkaryam for kaliyan swamy early in the morning
  • madhurakavi swamy arrives at the thadhIyArAdhana kUtam (hall) around 7.30 am
  • Elaborate thirumanjanam is performed for kaliyan swamy as it is done in the case of archA vigrahams of emperumAn/AzhwArs/AchAryas in front of many sishyas and abhimAnis.
  • brahma ratham (chariot) preparation begins -  a new chariot is constructed from scratch in a couple of hours
  • palanquin is also prepared for swamy's final yAthrA to the brindhAvanam
  • brahma ratham (empty) is taken around the town with thiruviruththam recital. dhivya prabhandha gOshti is presided by madhurakavi swamy.
  • srIchUrNa paripAlanam is performed to kaliyan swamy.
  • It is customary for the mutt thirvArAdhana swamy to perform all final rites for the swamy who ascends to parampadham. Following that tradition, srI srIdhara iyengar (who is the current thiruvArAdhanam swamy) performs final rites for kaliyan swamy.
  • kaliyan swamy is placed on the palanquin and brought out of the mutt.
  • emperumAn's parivattams and garland prasAdhams arrive to honor kaliyan swamy from various dhivyadhEsams. Finally the palanquin is fully lifted up facing the main sannidhi of vAnamAmalai to enable kaliyan swamy a full final vision of vAnamAmalai emperumAn.
  • the whole palanquin is then mounted inside the fully decorated brahma ratham.
  • the procession towards the brindhAvanam which is located at mElakkOyil (western temple). Bands, musical instruments go first in the procession. brahma ratham with kaliyan swamy follows with swamy's sishyas performing chAmara and thiruvAlavatta kainkaryam. adhyApaka gOshti follows the brahma ratham reciting thaithriya upanishadh. Many men and women devotees of swamy follow the procession. Finally, everyone arrive at the brindhAvanam (thiruvarasu).
  • palanquin is unmounted from brahma ratham and brought near the thiruvarasu (newly dug out pit).
  • kaliyan swamy is brought from the palanquin and brought into the pit. swamy is placed on a kUrmAsanam inside a kAshAya bag and slowly brought into the pit.
  • kaliyan swamy's thridhaNdam is broken apart. the upadhaNdam (additional stick) which was used by mAmunigaL himself and is carried over many generations up and until now, is taken out from the mix and added to madhurakavi swamy's new thridhaNdam.
  • charama slOkam of kaliyan swamy was recited  srI u. vE. K B dhEvarAjan swamy.
  • The kaNaiyAzhi (ring) that is worn by mAmunigaL himself which is carried over many generations up and until now is removed from kaliyan swamy's finger and is given to madhurakavi swamy.
  • The bag is then filled up with salt and soil. All but swamy's brahma ranthram (kapAlam - the front portion of the skull) is covered up.
  • swamy's brahma ranthram (front skull) is hit with a ceremonial coconut to facilitate the completion of the "ascending to paramapadham" process.
  • Again, honors from temple arrive through the archakars and madhurakavi swamy is given those honors.
  • The pit is fully filled up and a stick which is placed over kaliyan swamy's skull is seen outside to identify the exact location.
  • madhurakavi swamy is now seated on the same palanquin which carried kaliyan swamy and madhurakavi swamy leaves the brindhAvan as the official pItAdhipathi of the mutt in the palanquin.
  • madhurakavi swamy and his whole entourage arrive at the jIya URRu (small water body inside the big lake) for avabrutha snAnam (ceremonial bathing which is done as part of great uthsavams). There is no Asoucham (contamination) as such for srIvaishNava sannyAsis during their ascending to paramapdham. Just like as part of brahmOthsavam, on the final day there is avabrutha snAnam, as part of this charama kainkaryam too, at the end, avabrutha snAnam is performed. After jIyar swamy's bathing, all sishyas and abhimAnis follow suit and perform the same.
  • madhurakavi swamy arrives at the mutt and takes the throne.


Upcoming events

  • For the next 10 days, every day thirukkaNNamuthu (pAyAsam) will be offered at the thiruvarasu (brindhAvanm).
  • 10th day thirumanjanam will be performed at the thiruvarasu.
  • May 10th - mahA ArAdhanam - - Picture courtesy: Shekar nambi swamy
  • May 11th - parvanam
  • May 12th - thirunArAyaNa bali
  • May 13th - thIrtha uthsvam will be celebrated for kaliyan swamy followed by pattAbishEkam (crowning) and pattina pravEsam (first official procession around the town) for the varthamAna madhurakavi swamy -
  • Generally, for the next 1 year, varthamAna madhurakavi swamy will not travel outside vAnamAmalai. chAthur mAsyam will be observed in vAnamAmalai itself.
  • No Asoucham for any of the sishyas as the AchAryan is a srIvaishNava sannyAsi.


  • More pictures from AG Gopalan swamy:
  • Some videos of the event: Thanks to Raghavan swamy and Srihari swamy for the videos and nambi swamy for the link.
  • thirumanjanam
  • final procession


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