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thai amAvAsyai - vAnamAmalai - Pictures/Report


Srimathe ramanujaya namah:
With the blessings from Sri Varamanga Kodha Samedha Sri Deivanayaga Perumal & HH Sri Vanamamalai Kaliyan Ramanuja Jeeyar Swamy's Mangalaasaasanam, Oru Kottai Ennai Kaappu, Laksharchanai and Theppotsava Mahotsavams were held at Vanamamalai (Nanguneri) in a grand manner.
You can view the photos by visiting the following link in facebook:
Even though Swamy's thirumeni was not well, he didn't miss the opportunity to witness both Ennai kaappu and Theppotsava festivals on all 3 days.
After Laksharchanai for divine couple on 29th Jan, lots of disciples thronged the Divya Kshetram on Thai Amavasai (Jan 30th) to witness Oru Kottai Ennai kaappu. Everybody had a chance to witness the Ennai Kaappu Thirumanjanam for Thothadri Nathar, one of the Swayamvaktha Kshetra Deity at Vanamamalai. It was neatly organized by both temple and Sabha authorities. This was followed by Kumbaabhishekam and Thirumanjanam for Thothadri Nathar. Vedha Ghosti & Theertha Ghosti witnessed a large group of Sri Vaishnavaites getting a chance to participate in these utsavams and enjoyed Ksheeraanna prasadham (special for this kshetram). It was also the day of 27th HH Vanamamalai Sadagopa Ramanuja Jeeyar Swamy's Theertham. Thiruvoimozhi Ghosti followed by Thadeeyaaradhanam at Sri Mutt for all bhagavathas.
In the evening, Thothadri Nathar (Vanamamalai) gave darshan to bhagavathas with Santhana Kaappu. Later, Periya Pradhakshana Purappaadu (Sreevilli Mandapam) for Sri Varamanga Kodha Samedha Sri Deivanayaga Perumal with Naadhaswaram from O.K.C group.
Then, Sri Deivanayagan Emperumaan on Garuda Sevai, Sri Varamangai Thaayar on Gaja Lakshmi Vaaganam and Sri Kodha Nachiyar (Andal) on Kili Vaaganam gave their divya darshan to all the devotees. Thiruviruththa Seva Kaala Ghosti and Bhagava Bhajan Ghosti along with this Veedhi Purappaadu is a great sight for all of us.
With the grace of divine couple, Theppam tank was filled with water just in the last 10 days or so with some rain in the nearby places. On 31st Jan and 1st Feb, we had the Thiru manjanam for divine couple followed by them blessing the disciples from Theppam tank. On 1st Feb, we also had an unique opportunity to witness Sri Manavaala Maamunigal enjoying Theppotsavam by giving darshan to his adiyaars.
Sri Vanamamalai Perumal Thadeeyaaradhana Committee also played a big role in ensuring that nobody had to feel hungry and they were provided with adequate prasadhams during Morning & Evening.
These occasions really help us to get as a Kuzham (Group) and enjoy the blessings of our divine couple and HH Swamy. Hope many more bhagavathas can join us in the coming years to witness these grand Utsavams at Vanamamalai.
adiyen (humble pranams),
Nambi ramanuja dasan