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AsthAna vidhwAn srI. u. vE. K. B. dhEvarAjan swAmi

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srI. u. vE. K. B. dhEvarAjan swAmi is from kAzhiyUr, near kAnchipuram. This swAmi was honoured as "AsthAna vidhwAn" pattam (title) by srImath paramahasa ithyAdhi kaliyan vAnamAmalai jIyar swAmi (30th pattam) at the time of his sathAbishEka celebrations in Dec 2012. This swami's shashtyabdhapUrthi (60 years completion) was celebrated in 2013.

He learnt sampradhAya granthams directly from mahAvidwAm srI. u. vE. PradhivAdhi Bayangaram aNNangarAchAriar swAmi. He is also training many youngsters (including his own son) in this sampradhAyam through grantha kAlakshEpams. He has been serving our samparadhAyam right from his young age.  He is a well versed in 4000 dhivya prabhandham and performs adhyApaka kainkaryam at dhEva perumAL sannidhi, kAnchIpuram.

Currently dhEva rAjan swAmi is delivering gadhyathrayam kAlakshEpam at srI vAnamAmalai mutt, thiruvallikkEN periodically.

Last Updated on 28 July 2014