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Site Administrators

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Following are the list of site and content administrators administrators.

For any details, please send a mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Server and Application support: Takes care of server and application level requirements for the site

  1. Sri. Sridhar Sowmiyan, Srirangam
  2. Sri. Sampath Kumar Padmanabhan, Thirunarayanapuram

Site Administration: Takes care of site availability and content layout

  1. Sri. Shekhar Nambi, Chennai/USA
  2. Sri. Sarathy Thothathri, Sriperumbuthur
  3. Sri Raghavan Srinivasan

Content Publishers: Take cares content publishing, organizing, prioritizing articles and archiving

  1. Sri. Sarathy Thothathri, Sriperumbuthur
  2. Daffodills Inc., Coimbatore
  3. Sri. Srihari Narayanan, Chennai


  • All registered site members are authors by default. Registered members can submit articles and information

Location / Activity coordinators: Takes care of providing location specific updates

  1. Sri. Jana Sampath, Nanguneri & Twitter
  2. Sri. A G Gopalan, SVNB sabha
  3. Sri. Pillai Iyengar, SVNB Sabha
  4. Sri. Shekhar Nambi, Theppa Committee
  5. Sri. Thothadri Srinivasan, Theppa Committee
  6. Sri. Ramani (Hyderabad), Thadeeyaradhana Committee, Nanguneri

Last Updated on 27 November 2013