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vAnamAmalai kaliyan rAmAnuja jIyar swamy sathAbhishEkam

An article contributed by Sarathy Thothathri


srimathE rAmAnujAya nama:
srimadh varavaramunayE nama:
sri vAnAchala mahAmunayE nama:

Dear srivaishnavas

As we all know, srimath paramahamsa ithyAdhi vAnamAmalai kaliyan rAmAnuja jIyar swAmy's sathAbhishEkam is fast approaching (Dec 6th). A grand uthsavam is planned for this occasion at vAnamAmalai mutt, vAnamAmalai (nAngunEri) where several jIyar swAmys, mahanths (from north India), vidhwAns, adhyAbhakAs, etc are attending this program. Many events such as aruLicheyal, vEdha pArAyaNam, upanyAsams, vidhwath sadhas, musical events, etc are planned ending with a grand pattinapravEsam for jIyar swamy.

adiyen have put together a quick information page with as much details possible with links to the scanned invitation as well. Please take a look at it and also pass it on to your contacts as well. Here is the link:

adiyen sarathy ramanuja dasan

archived in, also visit

Last Updated on 26 November 2013